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Born in Boston, MA

2006Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY
2003Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Solo Exhibitions and Performances (selection)


Stedelijk Museum, The Mad Masters, Amsterdam


Real Fine Arts, New York

Atlanta Contemporary, Atlanta 


Galerie Francesca Pia, Stefan "Jackson" Tcherepnin, The Missing Years: 2014–17, Zurich


Freedman Fitzpatrick, The Metaphysical Scarf Experience: HOWDY SHADOWNECK, with Hanna Törnudd, Los Angeles

Dröm Safari, Float, with Hanna Törnudd, Hinsnoret, Sweden

What Pipeline, Agents of Syphilis, with Veit Laurent Kurz, Detroit

Fri Art: Centre d’art de Fribourg/Kunsthalle Freiburg, Screamscape Exhibition, Chaos Cantata, with Fribourg Choir, Fribourg

Secession, The metaphysical Store continuation with dress rehearsal, virginity, manners (sous les dominos verts), with Marina Rosenfeld, Vienna


Real Fine Arts, Stefan Tcherepnin. Hypocrisy Ladders, New York

White Columns, Looking Back, performance of Kidney Mandalas, New York

Freedman Fitzpatrick and Green Tea Gallery, Hello People/Privet Lyudi, Los Angeles


Issue Project Room, rESPetc2.rSonel, with Wally Blanchard, New York

TWAAS, S & M scarves for Single Moms, with Hanna Törnudd, New York

Daniel Buchholz, Übersetzungsbüro; office for duplication, mit Josef Strau, Berlin

Rietveld Academie, Yum Yum Vibe + Lost Love, with Hanna Törnudd and Green Tea Gallery Worldwide, Amsterdam


DTKUS, Sweet Talk/Eyes Meet, performance, Stockholm


Group Exhibitions and Performances (selection)


Galerie Francesca Pia, Lampen, Zurich

Jo Brand, Michaela Eichwald & Stefan Tcherepnin, Glasgow


Städtische Galerie, with Veit Laurent Kurz, Delmenhorst

Greene Naftali, Infected Foot, New York


Tbilisi 16, Extra Muros, curated by Daniel Baumann, Georgia

Berlin Biennale, Akademie der Künste, How to Disappear in America, with Ei Arakawa and Dan Poston, Berlin

Halle für Kunst, Gebärden und Ausdruck, Lüneburg

Künstlerhaus, Das Loch, Bremen

Kunsthaus, Unruly Relations, Glarus


Galerie Francesca Pia, Group Show, Zurich

186f Kepler, Chiesa San Paolo Converso, Angelic Sisters, Milano

Freedman Fitzpatrick, Strautcherepnin The Metaphysical Store, with Josef Strau, Los Angeles

Paramount Ranch, Strautcherepnin, with Josef Strau, Los Angeles


Hepworth Wakefield, Haggard Caravan, with Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti, Wakefield

Paramount Art Fair, U & B scarves for United Brothers, with Hanna Törnudd, Green Tea Worldwide Gallery, Los Angeles

The Modern Institute, Life & the Invitation& Vapour in Debri&, Glasgow

Vilma Gold, House of Gaga presents Single Moms, London


The Power Station, Drip Event, with Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti, Dallas

Greene Naftali, Freak Out, performance of Lonely Island, New York

Galerie Francesca Pia, Gemini, performance, Zurich

1m3, Giant Ice Cream Cones, performance of Lonely Island, Lausanne

MoMA, Paris and Wizard the Musical, New York

Neue Alte Brücke, Servants Order ov Ancient Psychik Youth, Frankfurt

Vilma Gold, Servants Order ov Ancient Psychik Youth, London

SOLOWAY; Some Redemptions..., New York

Lisa Cooley Gallery, The String and the Mirror, New York


Kunsthalle Bern, TCCA New Theater 2012-2013 APN Research あぷん autoslides #1-3shindisi home videos the deleted scene a fanzine as a museum / a museum as a fanzinecut-out bin / apnegative sci-fi sounds from the alienated kitchen OOO &&& LLL hc r 1, Berne

New Jerseyy, POMOSHCH medelst dig hjälp mig?, Basel


MoMa, Grand Openings Return of the Blogs, New York

Greene Naftali, 3 Songs for Krebber, Performance with Michael Krebber, New York

DKTUS, TED is Dead, Stockholm




NYFA fellowship in Music Composition