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1983Born in Massachusetts
Lives and works in New York
Solo Exhibitions (selection)


Galerie Francesca Pia, Music of the Spheres, Zurich

MAMCO, Geneva 


David Lewis, Last Judgment, New York


MiArt (with David Lewis), Solo booth, Milan

2014David Lewis, Melancholy, New York

Balice Hertling, In the Station of the Metro, Paris

Art Basel Statements (with Federico Vavassori), Solo booth, Basel


Federico Vavassori, GPS.NYC.MTA.CNC.DIY.WTC, Milan

Balice Hertling & Lewis, Life Drawings, Poseurs and ‘thirteen oil paintings on canvas’, New York

Frieze New York (with David Lewis), Solo booth, New York


Everest/Fondation Gutzwiller, Dick Blick meets Herr Boesner, two person exhibition with Emil Michael Klein, curated by Piper Marshall, Zurich


Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Front Room, Greg Parma Smith & Zin Taylor, St. Louis


Khastoo Gallery, Early Work, Los Angeles


Swiss Institute, Adult Learning, New York

Group Exhibitions (selection)


Swiss Art Awards, Basel

Federico Vavassori, Bill Hayden and Greg Parma Smith, Legend of Festival and Enclosure, Milan


High Art, Chasser le Dragon, Paris

Young Art, Stonebreakers, Curated by Liam Considine, Los Angeles


MoMA PS 1, Greater New York, New York

Kyiv Biennial 2015, The School of Kyiv, Kyiv

David Lewis, Ah! Sun-flower (three antecedents): Jack Smith, Francis Picabia; “The Bar at the End of the Night” (II), New York

White Columns,“Looking Back,” The 9th White Columns Annual, New York

Offsite, Seven Artists in Two Rooms, New York


Metro Pictures, Bad Conscience, curated by John Miller, New York

Andrew Roth Gallery, COPIED, Curated by Claire Lehmann, New York

MAGASIN, Art in Pop, Grenoble


David Lewis, A Scanner Darkly, New York

Suzanne Geiss Company, Digital Expressionism, New York

Marianne Boesky, Out Of Memory, Curated by Eleanor Cayre, New York

2012Blum and Poe, Standard Operating Procedure, curated by Piper Marshall, Los Angeles

Andrew Roth Gallery,The Panel Discussion, The Tennis Match, and A Bodegón, collaboration with Nicolás Guagnini, New York

Renwick Gallery, Historia Mysteria, New York


Swiss Institute, REGIFT, curated by John Miller, New York

Rachel Uffner Gallery, Human Arrangement, New York

Miguel Abreu Gallery, Steins, curated by Anthony Huberman, New York


Kevin Bruk Gallery, New Images: Unisex, Miam

James Fuentes Gallery,8 ½ x 11 / A4, New York

2007Taylor de Cordoba Gallery, A Great Delicacy, Los Angeles  

Daniel Reich Gallery, Desired Constellations, New York



NBK, Dirty Mirrors (Frank Lutz, John Miller, Aura Rosenberg, Greg Parma Smith), Berli

Greene Naftali, XXX Macarena (Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, John Miller, Greg Parma Smith), New York

MoMA PS 1, XXX Macarena, New York

2009Issue Project Room, XXX Macarena, New York