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Publications of the artist (selection)
2012David Shrigley – Brain Activity, Hayward Gallery, London, February 01 – May 13, 2012, London 2012.
2010David Shrigley, What the hell are you doing? The Essential David Shrigley, Edinburgh/New York 2010.  
2007David Shrigley, Ants Have Sex In Your Beer, San Francisco 2007.

Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others, London (spoken word recording 12” Vinyl & CD), London 2006.

David Shrigley, This Is A Paper Trinket For You To Wear, Toronto 2006.


David Shrigley, Photographs with Text, BQ Galerie, September 03 – October 15, 2005, Cologne 2005.

David Shrigley, The Book of Shrigley, London 2005.

David Shrigley, Joy, San Francisco 2005.


David Shrigley, Blocked Path, Copenhagen 2004.

David Shrigley, Let’s Wrestle, London 2004.

David Shrigley, Rules, London 2004 (book of postcards).

David Shrigley, Kill Your Pets, London/Frankfurt am Main 2004.


David Shrigley – Little Bird with Worm, Kunsthaus Zürich, August 29 – November 09, 2003, Zurich 2003.

David Shrigley, Who I am and What I Want, San Francisco 2003.

Leotard, BQ Cologne, April 26 – June 28, 2003, Cologne 2003. 

David Shrigley, Joy, London 2003.

David Shrigley, Evil Thoughts, San Francisco 2003 (book of postcards).


David Shrigley, Human Achievement, London 2002.

David Shrigley, Evil Thoughts, London 2002 (book of postcards).

2001 David Shrigley, Do Not Bend, London 2001.

David Shrigley, Grip, Edinburgh 2000.

David Shrigley, Hard Work, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen 2000.

1999David Shrigley, The Beast is Near, London 1999.

David Shrigley, Why We Got The Sack From The Museum, London 1998.

David Shrigley, To Make Meringue You Must Beat The Egg Whites Until They Look Like This, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen 1998.

David Shrigley, Centre Parting, Toronto 1998.

David Shrigley, Blank Page and Other Pages, Glasgow 1998.


David Shrigley, Drawings Done Whilst On Phone To Idiot, Glasgow 1996.

David Shrigley, Err, London 1996.

David Shrigley, Let Not These Shadows Fall Upon Thee, Glasgow 1996.

1995David Shrigley, Enquire Within, Glasgow 1995.
1994David Shrigley, Blanket Of Filth, Glasgow 1994.  
1992David Shrigley, Merry Eczema, Glasgow 1992.
1991David Shrigley, Slug Trails, Glasgow 1991.
Magazine Projects (selection)

Guardian, London (weekly cartoon every Saturday)

The Stranger, Seattle

2001Cabinet Magazine, Issue 1
2000Sleaze Nation, October
1999Independent On Sunday Review (Weekly Cartoon 1.99 to 2.00)
1998Insert, Parkett, no. 53, 1998.
Magazine Illustrations (selection)

Du (Switzerland)

The Stranger (USA)

Esquire (Japan)

Harpers & Queen (UK)

The Walrus (Canada)

Third Bed (USA)

Maisonneuve (Canada)

Saturday Night (Canada)

Donna (Italy)